Early on I decided that my son should also know his way around the kitchen and not grow up to be a helpless man in the kitchen, not knowing the use for different utensils. So I try to involve him ….at least once every month or so, in some cooking activity. Of course, he is no way near the hot stove or anything dangerous, but helps out holding the hand-held cake beater when baking. Or using those colored kids knives from ikea..the ones that are not sharp at all…to slice veggies ( At this point I pray that because he helped cooking the veggies…he will even eat them).

Anyways, we baked cupcakes together…yipeee!! I bought the Pillsbury ready-mix cake dough from the supermarket, the ones with the colorful confetti like sprinkles all mixed in it…really colorful…my son absolutely loooooooooves it. Just thought I’d post some pictures as well. He even helped decorating them…with chocolate sauce and sprinkles..Have a look and enjoy 🙂


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