mothercare is on SALE!!!!

 Saw it in the Arabtimes today…..hmmmmmm…even though it just upto 50% off, I will certainly pass by to pick up some winter pajama’s for my son.


I just went to the Salmiya Fashionway store on Friday and picked up some stuff….. My bill was almost KWD 40 for 1 set of pajamas, 1 cool looking winter jacket and a pair of track pants, all for my son and it cost us sooooooo much..Had I known about the sale, would have waited a few more days 😦 Anyways, must pass by for the winter jammies…with spider man, Ben10 and all those little boy’s fav action figures. My son is soooo fond of spider man that sometimes I think I gave birth to spider man not a little boy

spiderman jammies

Even NEXT is on sale, saw that in the paper too. They too have a good collection of toddler clothes. Should check that out as well!

  Wishing all the moms out there happy shopping 🙂


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