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Happy Eid!!

This is an Eid Greeting my son made at school. Hung it up on his room door 🙂

To everyone here in Kuwait……Eid Mubarak ! May all your dreams come true this Eid and always…..


Annoying Facebook Parents

Just read today on Yahoo shine about “Facebook’s Five Most Annoying Parents”……had a good laugh! I can identify myself with atleast 3 of the traits.

Have a read, this is the link and enjoy!!

Come back and update -which one are you??

Lilypie Tickers


There is a cute website that lets you create cute countdown tickers for your child’s birthday, your due date, trying to conceive, how more days till your next vacation, etc. For the forgetful, you can even countdown till your next anniversary 🙂

You can visit the site by clicking this link here.

You can create one and do loads with it. Like me, you can put it up on your blog, or even on your desktop, add it to your email signature. It will update it self automatically. There is even a mini ticker for your Facebook profile.

Very cute! Have fun creating your ticker 🙂

Today’s dose of Baby Blues – Enjoy :-)

Baby_Blues-9 November 2009

This is sooo me on many many occasions!

BTW, you can join the facebook group, here’s the link

Here’s to not forgetting things we were just thinking of doing!!! ha ha ha

Post pregnancy weight loss….4 years late!

When I was pregnant with my son, over 4 years ago, I put on a seriously unhealthy amount of weight.. I guess that as it was our first pregnancy, I overdid it on the ‘eating for two’ bit 😦

I am glad to say that since April 2009, after a lot of reading and failed attempts, I took my first steps (literally) towards loosing the weight and trying to get back to my size “10” outfits. I first started walking round the block at 5am in the morning, since trying to make time for myself is a serious challenge. After a couple of weeks or so, I increased the pace and started climbing stairs after the walk. Later, when I felt my body needed a more serious push, I enrolled for aerobics classes at Mabrour – Salmiya. By gradually increasing my pace, I was able to stay with the program and not quit. So now after 6 months of diet and… Oh! I hate the word “DIET”, let’s say, after 6 months of implementing my lifestyle change initiatives (ha ha ) and my exercise program, I have lost 7 kilos and 2 dress sizes. Yipee!! Even though I am now a size 12 and not a size 10 yet, I am certainly getting there…few more steps to being a yummy mummy!! Ha Ha Ha!

I wanted to address post pregnancy weight loss in my blog coz I do feel that once we become mom’s, looking after ourselves takes the back seat…we always worry about our kids eating well and being healthy, but not ourselves.

It took me 4 years to really get to this point where I have done something about my weight. I hope that by making an entry about weight issues in my blog, a lot of moms, either new or “moms for quite some time” would be encouraged to do something about weight issues.


I do miss the breakfast croissants, doughnuts, cakes, stuffed crust pizza, lunch with the office gang almost on a daily basis, extra half hour of sleep in the mornings, but then it was worth it. It feels soooo good to be able to fit into good looking clothes again :-)…yes! I am a shopaholic..but no regrets!!

H1N1 Vaccine

The swine flu vaccine is finally here , as read in the Arab Times on 1 & 2 November…………….and I guess a lot of parents are in a limbo as to whether to administer it to their kids or not. Personally, I would want to give it, but when I asked the hubby dearest, he didn’t seem too enthusiastic about it.

On 1 November 2009, I heard on the 6pm news on FM 99.7 while driving home, that the Kuwait Health Minister said that there are a few side effects such as rash around the vaccination site, possibly a slight temperature. I guess this is fine as there is another vaccine which we give the kids as a part of the regular immunization schedule that also gives the above symptoms…so what’s the fuss all about!!

The minister also apparently said that the vaccine is not compulsory, first preference will be given to the most vulnerable category – kids younger than 5, elderly , those suffering from other chronic illness , pregnant, etc.

 But still am not sure if I would want to have it administered to my son as there is soooo much negative things going around about the vaccine… Even my own relatives are not keen on administering the vaccine to their kids…… I guess I will have to ask around a bit, before deciding to go ahead with the vaccination. So let’s take a poll


For the past few days, as soon as I come from work, I have to sit with my son to finish his homework. While I am not a fan of home work for kids this age, I can’t help but wonder that if I did not sit with him and revise what he does in school, how will I ever know how far he is progressing. So I guess the jury is still out on the home work, that is, if I really like it or not.

My son is now learning how to spell/read. Started off first with the cat,bat,sat, etc list. My colleague – a fellow mom –  told me of this great game online that can help with the learning. And I sooooo love it 🙂

Parents, you can visit the site here

She also gave me a few more interesting links for stories, which I think some might enjoy, they are as follows:

Link 1




Hope you all have a great time doing homework!! ha ha

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