2010 Resolutions

Happy New Year ALL!!!

I make new year  resolutions…OK…don’t laugh….guess very few out there actually do make resolutions….somehow I feel that trying to commit to making at least one new change in a year……feels good 🙂

Well, I have made a couple of work resolutions as well as one “woman” resolution. Been thinking about making a resolution as a mom. I gave it a lot of thought…tried to find 1 workable and do-able resolution. After a lot of thinking and pondering, I have decided;

This year, I resolve to answer all my son’s questions SERIOUSLY…no matter how annoying it can get, no matter how mundane( remember the ceiling fans?? I have a nephew who, when he was about 3-4 years old, asked me – “Aunty, Why does the fan go round and round?????????”-try answering that one!!)

So, anyone out there made resolutions as a mom?? as a parent?? Has anyone decided about 1 thing to do differently this year, as a parent(s)/mom/dad?

Fill me in….


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