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Barney Musical – Kuwait

Good Morning All!!

Guess most of you would have heard that Barney is coming to town!! with Baby Bop, BJ, and not quite sure if Riff can make it……

If you have not reserved your tickets, your last chance is now. Check out the links below for more info:

Kids World

They even have a event group in facebook, which you can check out. Unable to open facebook now, else would have posted the link, ahhhhhhhhh!

Anyways, have fun!

Update1: Yeh!! I was able to log into Facebook!! Here’s the event page link. Check it out for your latest updates!


Baby Blues-17 February

Totally enjoyed reading today’s dose of Baby Blues in the Arab times.

I remember yelling at Hubby dearest the saaaame way!!!:-)


Happy Valentines Day!!!!

Happy Valentines Day All!!!
Today Hubby dearest sent me a cute arrangement of flowers… sweeeeeeet!!!

Yesterday I took my son to edible arrangements to order an arrangement for my Hubby. It is a really nice place, sad thing is that we have to pick it up as there is no delivery for Valentines Day.
Here’s wishing everyone a day filled with love from your significant other as well as your kids!!!

Happy Valentine’s Day 🙂

Play Station Portable

3 weeks back, my dad bought my son a portable play station aka PSP. While I am happy that my son has a grandparent to shower him with really expensive gifts while he is still young, I questioned the choice of gift. Dad was so excited that he bought it that he came home in a hurry while I was still at work and gave his grandson the PSP. You should have seen the joy on my son’s face!!

Again, while I am happy that my son has it, I am not too sure on the choice of the gift. After all, he is still 4 (5 in March) and PSP is for a little older kid. My son has seen a PSP with some of the older boys within our family friend circle and has always asked for one. My husband and I decided not to get him one as we felt he was too young. Instead we got him a Vtech Smile Pocket for Christmas 2008 – more age appropriate .

I was quite disappointed that my Dad got it without consulting me as I am really against a PSP for a 4-5 year old boy. After watching weeks of not-so-good behaviour, I pulled out the PSP and told my son that he can no longer have it as he is getting late for school, not listening to mommy. I told him that he can have it when his behaviour improves. Frankly, I hope he forgets about it.

Iphone and WordPress

Just downloaded the wordpress iPhone application!!!! Cool!!
Apparently, it’s a version 2.2 released on 8th feb 2010, from which I can reply to comments, and easily see comments pending to be approved.
I can even post directly from the mobile, edit pages. This works even with the iPod touch!

God!!! I better stop playing with the iPhone at work!!

School Bag Lunch Ideas

Good Morning Mums!

A quick post for mums who struggle with what to put in the kid’s lunch boxes. I found this blog – Brown Bag Blues – with great ideas for the lunch box. Looks interestting…I mean if I were in school right now and my mum packed tasty looking things, I would suuuuuuuuuuureeeeeely devour them!!

Have a read and update with your school-lunch-box ideas

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