Play Station Portable

3 weeks back, my dad bought my son a portable play station aka PSP. While I am happy that my son has a grandparent to shower him with really expensive gifts while he is still young, I questioned the choice of gift. Dad was so excited that he bought it that he came home in a hurry while I was still at work and gave his grandson the PSP. You should have seen the joy on my son’s face!!

Again, while I am happy that my son has it, I am not too sure on the choice of the gift. After all, he is still 4 (5 in March) and PSP is for a little older kid. My son has seen a PSP with some of the older boys within our family friend circle and has always asked for one. My husband and I decided not to get him one as we felt he was too young. Instead we got him a Vtech Smile Pocket for Christmas 2008 – more age appropriate .

I was quite disappointed that my Dad got it without consulting me as I am really against a PSP for a 4-5 year old boy. After watching weeks of not-so-good behaviour, I pulled out the PSP and told my son that he can no longer have it as he is getting late for school, not listening to mommy. I told him that he can have it when his behaviour improves. Frankly, I hope he forgets about it.


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