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The real reason kids don’t listen.

I just read a very interesting article on Yahoo that I thought of sharing.

It is a real well written article on why kids don’t listen. Mine really does not listen to anything that I have to say. I mean, I thought that as they get a little older, they would understand why we ask them to do the things we do. But noooooooooo… they really do not.
This article does shed some light on to why mine does not listen 🙂

Enjoy reading and all the best with your little one!


Gugampoo-Local Magician in Kuwait

Just thought I’d write a post on the magician who we hired for my son’s birthday. There might be another parent who might want a magician for their kid’s party. His contact details are as follows;

Mobile – 99508029 and 97162090

Email – OR

Apparently, he also has a website (did not check to see if it I guess you will have to update me 🙂 ) –

We hired him for a half an hour magic show as well as balloon twisting. So he brought in a clown who came in and twisted balloons for the children after the show.

Over all it was a good show…atleast the kids were happy, so that’s good.

You can call him for his rates and check on his availability.

Good Luck!

Another year…another birthday

11 march has come and gone. And so i have capped off another year full of fun, blessings, good times, homework, school trips, tantrums, laughs, and above all loads of fun with my now 6 year old.
Yea, my son turned six on 11 march. This year, we have toned down the celebrations, only because it was getting just a little too exhausting planning a kid’s bday. Don’t know about everyone else, but I just find the whole thing of making sure that ALL the kids have fun just a little too much!
This year we had a party at home with about 25 kids. The 5 older kids were the special helpers. They were incharge of the games stalls. Did I not mention that the theme was ‘carnival time’? There were 3 game stalls and the afternoon was finished off with a magic show and a visiting clown who twisted balloons for all the kids.
I managed to find a local magician- his name is Googampoo. He has reasonable pricing.
My son and the other kids really enjoyed!!!
So that’s that!
Another year, another party. 🙂
Until next year, that’s all about bdays!!

Would your child stand up to bullies?

Today,I read a topic that really made me to stop and think[here]. It’s an article that appeared in the Todaymom’s link on MSNBC about how would your child react when seeing another child being bullied.

It got me thinking about bullies in general. I have a son in year 1, who is frankly quite timid. While he is an extremely sweet little boy who truly and genuinely cares for another person and would not himself participate in bullying, I really do not know how he would react if someone bullies him or if he is in a situation where someone near him is being bullied.

Any insight from other moms in Kuwait on how serious is bullying is here in Kuwait schools? More specifically british schools in Kuwait?

appreciate if a teacher would also provide some input on their school’s policy on bullying.


Barney Musical – Kuwait

Good Morning All!!

Guess most of you would have heard that Barney is coming to town!! with Baby Bop, BJ, and not quite sure if Riff can make it……

If you have not reserved your tickets, your last chance is now. Check out the links below for more info:

Kids World

They even have a event group in facebook, which you can check out. Unable to open facebook now, else would have posted the link, ahhhhhhhhh!

Anyways, have fun!

Update1: Yeh!! I was able to log into Facebook!! Here’s the event page link. Check it out for your latest updates!

Baby Blues-17 February

Totally enjoyed reading today’s dose of Baby Blues in the Arab times.

I remember yelling at Hubby dearest the saaaame way!!!:-)


School Bag Lunch Ideas

Good Morning Mums!

A quick post for mums who struggle with what to put in the kid’s lunch boxes. I found this blog – Brown Bag Blues – with great ideas for the lunch box. Looks interestting…I mean if I were in school right now and my mum packed tasty looking things, I would suuuuuuuuuuureeeeeely devour them!!

Have a read and update with your school-lunch-box ideas

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