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Another Baby??

I went to Centrepoint – Hawally this afternoon during lunch break to pick up a gift for my colleagues one and a half year old son. Since my son crossed the age of 2, I haven’t really been much into the kiddies section of Centrepoint. Today, I went and I found soooooooo many cute toys , cribs, walkers, baby bouncers, car seats, and and and ….Oh God! they were all soooooo cute. Their brand Juniors had really cool looking products. Looking at cute baby gear makes me want to have another baby again. WAIT!!! late nights, constant crying, milk machine, bottles, bottle sterlizer, milk powder, pampers………NOOOOOOOO….I don’t want to have another baby…at least not yet.


But frankly, just looking at the new and latest baby gear, makes me want to have another baby, even if it is only to parade out in the latest baby gear 😛


Scooter Boy

My son loves the scooter…………….and it’s not his own scooter that he absolutely loves. He has a nice 3-wheel scooter with superman on it. I think it’s adorable, but he likes his playmate’s rather ordinary looking 2-wheeler scooter.

 Superman Scooter

Personally, I am petrified of the 2-wheeler scooter…I dread hearing the crying, then running and seeing that he’s had a bad fall. If I even voice my feelings to hubby dearest, he thinks I am over-reacting. But I am sure there are other like minded moms.

The scooter………………… it really a good toy?

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