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H1N1 Vaccine

The swine flu vaccine is finally here , as read in the Arab Times on 1 & 2 November…………….and I guess a lot of parents are in a limbo as to whether to administer it to their kids or not. Personally, I would want to give it, but when I asked the hubby dearest, he didn’t seem too enthusiastic about it.

On 1 November 2009, I heard on the 6pm news on FM 99.7 while driving home, that the Kuwait Health Minister said that there are a few side effects such as rash around the vaccination site, possibly a slight temperature. I guess this is fine as there is another vaccine which we give the kids as a part of the regular immunization schedule that also gives the above symptoms…so what’s the fuss all about!!

The minister also apparently said that the vaccine is not compulsory, first preference will be given to the most vulnerable category – kids younger than 5, elderly , those suffering from other chronic illness , pregnant, etc.

 But still am not sure if I would want to have it administered to my son as there is soooo much negative things going around about the vaccine… Even my own relatives are not keen on administering the vaccine to their kids…… I guess I will have to ask around a bit, before deciding to go ahead with the vaccination. So let’s take a poll


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