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Similac Baby Formula Recall

Abbott Laboratories Inc said it is voluntarily recalling millions of containers of its top-selling Similac powdered infant formulas after beetles were found in the products. This recall affects fewer than 5 million units of Similac are being sold in the United States, Guam, Puerto Rico and other Caribbean markets. The recalled products involve powdered Similac in plastic containers, and in 8-ounce, 12.4-ounce and 12.9-ounce cans.

Kids who have ingested the formula end up having some degree of tummy upsets, get cranky and refuse to take in the next feed………..I mean can you blame them???

If you want to be sure that your baby formula is affected by the recall, go to the below link to check:

Abbot industries

I think some countries in the Middle East are going to totally ban Similac in their countries, like Saudi Arabia. That’s good. In today’s Arab times, Abbot Industries released an advert informing people that their product does not affect the Middle East region. But I really wouldn’t blame parents should they decide to switch formulas…. I mean I would, if I had a child still on formula.

The decision is up to you.


Another Baby??

I went to Centrepoint – Hawally this afternoon during lunch break to pick up a gift for my colleagues one and a half year old son. Since my son crossed the age of 2, I haven’t really been much into the kiddies section of Centrepoint. Today, I went and I found soooooooo many cute toys , cribs, walkers, baby bouncers, car seats, and and and ….Oh God! they were all soooooo cute. Their brand Juniors had really cool looking products. Looking at cute baby gear makes me want to have another baby again. WAIT!!! late nights, constant crying, milk machine, bottles, bottle sterlizer, milk powder, pampers………NOOOOOOOO….I don’t want to have another baby…at least not yet.


But frankly, just looking at the new and latest baby gear, makes me want to have another baby, even if it is only to parade out in the latest baby gear 😛

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