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Shrek – Forever After – 3D

Couple of Saturday’s ago, I took my son, sister, friend and her son to watch Shrek – Forever After, the 3D version at Marina Mall, Salmiya and boy, was it a good movie.

I mean can donkey get anymore funnier 🙂 I could totally relate to the whole mid-life crisis that Shrek seemed to be going through.

Puss was so cute………even when he was incredibly fat…those eyes…awwwwww!

My son really enjoyed the 3D thing and must admit it is the first time I took him to see a 3D movie and it was good.

Can’t wait for the Toy Story 3 to release here in Kuwait…will certainly see it and update.


Happy Eid!!

This is an Eid Greeting my son made at school. Hung it up on his room door 🙂

To everyone here in Kuwait……Eid Mubarak ! May all your dreams come true this Eid and always…..

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