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Pottery Barn Kids

When driving to work today, I noticed billboards on Pottery Barn Kids and after some googling, have noticed that it is now open!! I saw the website and must say that it is really cool…must visit to pick up something.


I looooove the above bed! so cool sleeping in one. I saw the boards covering the possible store site at the avenues last week, so glad now I can visit the place.

Check out the website [here]

Have fun 🙂


iphone and kids

I got an iPhone 3Gs from Hubby dearest for Christmas this year…and I guess more than me, my son enjoys it. I mean he really enjoys it!

I too am amazed by the number of educational applications that are available for FREE!! Imagine that! I do not have to pay for quality applications! Below are a few I have downloaded, of course not all are educational, but it really helps keeping him occupied in the car or when we are having dinner out………..

Anyways,here is a screen shot of some applications I have downloaded….Sudoku and Titanic is for Mommy…he he

Does anyone out there have any more suggestions for iPhone applications that would be fun and educational?? Do let me know…Also any applications that would help Mommy 🙂

Peace out!

mothercare is on SALE!!!!

 Saw it in the Arabtimes today…..hmmmmmm…even though it just upto 50% off, I will certainly pass by to pick up some winter pajama’s for my son.


I just went to the Salmiya Fashionway store on Friday and picked up some stuff….. My bill was almost KWD 40 for 1 set of pajamas, 1 cool looking winter jacket and a pair of track pants, all for my son and it cost us sooooooo much..Had I known about the sale, would have waited a few more days 😦 Anyways, must pass by for the winter jammies…with spider man, Ben10 and all those little boy’s fav action figures. My son is soooo fond of spider man that sometimes I think I gave birth to spider man not a little boy

spiderman jammies

Even NEXT is on sale, saw that in the paper too. They too have a good collection of toddler clothes. Should check that out as well!

  Wishing all the moms out there happy shopping 🙂

Baby Blues

I always read Arab Times for my daily dose of Baby Blues. I sooooooooooo love Wanda and can sometimes see my self in her…except ofcourse, she has 3 kids and I have one……I can only imagine how Wanda must feel.

Wanda in the supermarket

How many moms out there see themselves in the above picture!! Ha HA  Ha!!

The below picture is a phase I can most certainly identify with.

baby blues-wanda


That was me….minus 1 kid..haha ha ha !!

Enjoy 🙂

Another Baby??

I went to Centrepoint – Hawally this afternoon during lunch break to pick up a gift for my colleagues one and a half year old son. Since my son crossed the age of 2, I haven’t really been much into the kiddies section of Centrepoint. Today, I went and I found soooooooo many cute toys , cribs, walkers, baby bouncers, car seats, and and and ….Oh God! they were all soooooo cute. Their brand Juniors had really cool looking products. Looking at cute baby gear makes me want to have another baby again. WAIT!!! late nights, constant crying, milk machine, bottles, bottle sterlizer, milk powder, pampers………NOOOOOOOO….I don’t want to have another baby…at least not yet.


But frankly, just looking at the new and latest baby gear, makes me want to have another baby, even if it is only to parade out in the latest baby gear 😛

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